Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mission statement?

At YourAmazingGift we know that it is tough to turn down a bargain. Especially if it is something you don’t really need but can’t pass on a good deal. That’s kind of our philosophy over here. We like a lot of what our friends consider to be unusual, wacky, strange and downright freaky. Obviously you do, too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have bothered to dig into these pages on our website. We spend far too much time searching the internet for these crazy gift ideas, so please buy something so we know you’re out there and that we aren’t doing this for nothing.

Can I buy any of the things I see featured on YourAmazingGfit?

Of course you can.

We mean, can we buy them directly from you?

Oh, well, our answer is no. That’s not because we don’t want to sell you these things. It’s just because we are not set up for that kind of extra work. Our goal is to ‘show’ you the wacky and unusual. If you want to buy any of it, that’s up to you and you’ll have to deal direct with whoever it is with the original product listing.

Can you ship anything to me?

We could send you a bill just for asking but we’d rather you dealt directly with the people who originally posted the product listing online.

What is your return policy?

Have you been reading any of the other questions? As we don’t sell any of the items featured here at YourAmazingGift, we don’t have a return policy. But we do encourage you to return to our website often to see what other goodies we’ve found and decided to feature.

I clicked on a link and the message is that the product is no longer available. What can you do?

Well, we could take that as a sign that for some reason, people are actually buying some of the crap we are featuring on our website. However, what that means to you is that you missed out on a pretty good deal. Don’t let that happen again, okay?

Do you publish a catalogue that you can send me?

Nope. We thought we’d get around the nasty thing called ‘expense’ by not publishing a catalogue and going the website route instead. So far, it appears to be working.

Can you feature my product on YourAmazinggift?

If you are selling something that falls into the categories we have yet to have defined on our website but could potentially fit into the relevance of YourAmazingGift, sure, contact us and we’ll check out your stuff.


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