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With these ultra handy LED flashlight gloves, you’ll always have a steady light source to help you work. Whether it’s under the sink, under the hood, or outside in the dark, these flashlight gloves will literally shoot light from your hands.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I may be a grown man, but the first time I put these on, I pretended I was a superhero. LightMan to the rescue! Able to pierce through darkness with a single point of his finger! In all seriousness, though, this is a unique product with a lot of potential uses. It is a great gift for anyone who appreciates unusual but useful gears, gadgets and tools.

Comfortable, Flexible Fit Gloves

The gloves are designed to fit just about any size adult hand. The material is snug but stretchy, so it’s fits well on a small adult hand, and then it can stretch well to fit a larger hand without pinching or cutting off circulation. They are made from a breathable cotton, and there is an adjustable strap to help fine-tune the sizing.

Practical Design

These were designed with functionality in mind. The lights are mounted on the index fingers and the thumb. so wherever you are working, the lights are pointing. As you move your hands and manipulate objects, the light follows your natural movements. If you have ever tried to work with someone else holding a light for you, or maybe holding a flashlight in your mouth, you will appreciate how these gloves keep your hands and the light in sync. The on/off switch is on the back of the glove.

Multiple Uses

These LED flashlight gloves are water resistant (not waterproof), so they can be used in the rain and around water making them great accessories for fishing and camping. You will notice, too, that the fabric doesn’t cover up the finger tips, so you can wear them while working with small parts in the garage, at a work bench, or in the craft room. One of the customer product reviews even mentions someone who uses them while knitting! And with 30 hours of battery time, you will have time to finish your work. (The battery is replaceable, too, of course.)

Accessorize Other Flashlights

Looking for even more light? Why not add this knit cap with a built-in headlamp as well!

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