Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

The new rules for Disclosure Compliance released by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2015 are intended to make website visitors aware that the blogger or publisher may be partnered, endorsed or sponsored by a different company. The readers must know if the publisher of that web content is generating income through link sharing or through product sales.

In order to comply with the FTC rules, please assume the following about links and posts on this site: earns a small commission from sales of certain items that result from specific links contained on this website.

What Are Affiliate Links?

An affiliate link is a link to a different company that has partnered with YourAmazingGift. When a website visitor clicks on an affiliate link to purchase a product, that person is buying the item directly from the seller and not from

These affiliate link locations provide us with a commission or other form of compensation for sending customers to their website.

Pricing is the same regardless of the point of purchase – through an affiliate link or non-affiliate link. The price does not change if you click on one or the other link.

1. Amazon Affiliate Links

YourAmazingGift is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites, as well as to other websites that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

2. Product Affiliate Links

YourAmazingGift receives either a percentage of the sale or another form of compensation if a website visitor clicks on a product affiliate link and makes a purchase. What we want you to know is that an affiliate link will have no influence on whether or not we feature a certain product. The products we feature on YourAmazingGift are here solely because they have met our specific guidelines.

The pricing listed is in relation to the best information available at the time the post was created. This means that since we are not selling any of these items directly, the pricing – which can change – is beyond our control. We also cannot guarantee the availability of the products. We will make every effort to update incorrect information once it has been brought to our attention.

What About Sponsored Content?

We do not use or publish sponsored posts at YourAmazingGift. Should a company be granted an opportunity to publish sponsored content here, this will be disclosed clearly in the beginning of the post.

At YourAmazingGift, we only feature products that have met our strict guidelines and that we believe would interest our website visitors. Your purchase of any helps to support our efforts.

Thank you!

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