Are Play Kitchens Good for Kids?

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Play kitchens are a particularly popular resource for pretend play, as they allow children to imitate situations that they are familiar with.

Play kitchens are a great addition to the playroom, rec room, or the kid’s bedroom. These toys provide enjoyment and the opportunity to share and develop relationships with siblings and other children. The child’s imagination is also stimulated because of the pretend play aspect.

The Best Play Kitchen Sets on the Market Today

There are many play kitchens on the market designed to cater to both boys and girls. Many are packed with a lot of interactive features for hours of playtime. Below we list the top play kitchens on the market today:

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

Everything a real kitchen has to offer in this deluxe play kitchen set. The grand walk-in kitchen and grill feature so many fun details and a large footprint that encourages social play with multiple children.

Activate the fun lights and sounds on the stovetop and grill station for realistic kitchen play. It comes with a 103 piece assessor set. If you are interested in this Grand Walk-In Kitchen and Grill, (who wouldn’t be?) You can find it on Amazon’s website here.

Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Play set

Little chefs can’t wait to whip up some fun with the Best Chefs Kitchen Playset. This mid-sized unit gets kids engaged in storytelling as they act out new scenarios and communicate what imaginary things are going on – a great way to flex creativity and language skills!

It comes with 25 accessories to cook, serve, brew coffee, and more! For more information on this Best Chefs Kitchen Playset, including an additional photo gallery, visit the Amazon website here.

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights and Sounds

With so much to do, this KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights and Sounds will provide hours of fun cooking, cleaning, and even tending to laundry just like Mom and Dad.

This playset is large enough to accommodate multiple kids playing together, encouraging teamwork and sharing without stepping on each other’s toes. You can find this amazing Corner Play Kitchen on Amazon here.

Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Playset

The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen is a kitchen set that is designed to match today’s décor trends. Kids will love the fun electronic sounds that resemble the noises of real appliances you would find in an actual kitchen.

It features a compact design that will look great in your little chef’s playroom or bedroom and includes plenty of accessories for multiple children to play with. For more information on this amazing Custom Kitchen Playset, including an additional photo gallery, you can find it on the Amazon website here.

Best Play Kitchens For Kids

Play KitchenSold ByDimensionsWeightAccessory SetBatteriesMore Information
Grand Walk-In Kitchen & GrillStep247.2 x 36.6 x 50.8 inches33.8 Pounds103 Piece Set2 AA Batteries RequiredCHECK IT OUT
Best Chefs Kitchen Play setStep211.5 x 34.4 x 38.5 inches21.4 Pounds25 Piece Set2 AA Batteries RequiredCHECK IT OUT
Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights and SoundsKidKraft42.5 x 32.5 x 36.8 inches61.5 PoundsNo9 LR44 Batteries Required (included)CHECK IT OUT
Lifestyle Custom KitchenStep214 x 28 x 41.5 inches28 pounds20 Piece Set2 AAA Batteries RequiredCHECK IT OUT

Frequently Asked Questions

Are play kitchens worth it?

Play kitchens are great for hours of enjoyment. It stimulates a child’s imagination, fosters sharing, and develops relationship skills when playing with other children. These toys are durable and can last for several years. This makes them a great buy and gives you good value for your money, especially if you have more than one child that can play with it.

How can cooking help child development?

Cooking activities help children develop confidence and skill. And the experience of creating meals with you can help build their self-confidence your time in the kitchen with your child can be a culinary adventure you’ll both enjoy.

Do kids like play kitchens?

Kids love playing different roles and scenarios in imaginative play. Play kitchens are a particularly popular resource for pretend play, You’ll be surprised how busy it will keep your little one, even during solo play.

How does a play kitchen help a child’s development?

A play kitchen creates interactive play and encourages imagination. It allows your child to role-play and cook like Mom and Dad. With the play kitchen, you can play with your child or have them play with other children. You can turn kitchen play into a learning experience by using play food to teach children about nutrition or different types of food. Social skills are also honed when serving food and group play. These pretend model toys are a great source of fun for children while also stimulating their imagination.


A play kitchen can be chosen based on a child’s age, the parent’s budget, and your home setting. Some factors like the location manufactured, environmentally friendly materials, and company business practices can also be considered. There are many types of toy kitchens available. Sizes range from miniature toy kitchens to large and lifelike sets that are very detailed. There is the single unit kitchen that integrates different appliances, and there are multi-piece kitchen sets that come in individual appliances.

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