Best Shooting Ear Protection Under 50

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Whether you are a dedicated hunter or an amateur gun enthusiast who enjoys spending the occasional few hours at the shooting range, it is essential to have the right gear on hand. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment for any gun user is some form of ear protection. The decibel level that accompanies even a single, isolated gunshot can often be enough to significantly damage one’s hearing, sometimes permanently. Investing in a solid, comfortable pair of earmuffs or even disposable earplugs can do a lot to mitigate these harmful effects.

Best Shooting Ear Protection

There are three main categories of shooting ear protection available on the market today Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, and Electronic Headsets.

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

The most basic form of ear protection available, these are simple, foam earplugs that can be easily inserted and work well to cancel out a lot of the harmful noise associated with the shooting. Earplugs are cheap and readily available, making them one of the best shooting ear protection options on the market. However, they don’t last very long and while they do work reasonably well, they also block out noises other than gunshots which can be dangerous, especially when you are out hunting in the woods.

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Ear Muffs

Ear Muffs

Like standard earplugs, earmuffs are a passive form of ear protection. Considered to be one of the best shooting ear protection devices available today, ear muffs offer a higher level of noise cancellation than earplugs, but are nonetheless affordable, especially when compared to their electronic counterparts. Composed of two full fitting ear cups connected by a band, ear muffs certainly offer the wearer more complete protection. However, by the same token, they also block out sounds other than gunshots, leaving users somewhat vulnerable.

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Electronic Headsets

Electronic Headsets

The ultimate in noise mitigation devices, electronic ear muffs, or headsets are far and away from the very best shooting ear protection available to gun enthusiasts. Essentially the same as passive ear muffs, electronic headsets have the added advantage of allowing users to hear background noises, peripheral conversations, and pretty much all other sounds except for the report of gunfire. Many come with a variety of adjustable settings, including ambient sound control, meaning that you can customize your electronic headset to your exact level of comfort.

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Why should I protect my hearing?

What happens if a gun is fired next to your ear?

People don’t recognize the danger of firing even a small-caliber gun. If a gun is fired next to your ear can cause ear damage. Over time your hearing will be damaged if you don’t take the proper precautions. Once you lose or damage your hearing it won’t come back and living without hearing is not worth it. We take protection seriously and so should you.


Choosing the best shooting ear protection for you often comes down to a question of price. While you could spend an arm and a leg for some of the most technologically advanced electronic ear muffs, many of the passive devices work just as well and often provide better value for money. It is also important to consider how and where you plan to use the device – for instance, professional hunters might prefer an electronic ear protection device over a passive one as it allows them to hear background noise while simultaneously reducing the sound of gunfire.

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