Kitchen Whimsy: Dragon Steam Release Diverter

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“Fire-Breathing” Dragon For Your Pressure Cooker

This Fire-Breathing Dragon Steam Release Diverter is a perfect pressure cooker accessory.  It’s fun to watch the steam pour out of the dragon’s mouth, and it serves a practical purpose, too. By diverting the released steam safely out into a large open space rather than straight up into your kitchen cabinets, you can avoid wood warp and mold.

Versatile Product Fit

The steam release diverter is fits on most Instant Pot Pressure Cookers.  It is compatible with all sizes of the Duo, Ultra and Smart models.  It will not, however, fit on the Lux models.  Once you install it over the steam release valve, you can rotate it so that steam goes in the desired direction.  Be careful not to point it toward you, though. The dragon is for fun, but the hot steam is real!

Safe materials

The fire-breathing dragon steam release diverter is made from a food-safe silicon, and it is BPA-free.  Also, it’s dishwasher safe on the top rack, so clean-up is easy.

Whimsical, Fun Gift Idea

This is a fun gift idea that many people might not know about and therefore not have on their wish list.  It’s a unique, creative surprise, though that is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.

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Other Types of Steam Diverters

Like the idea but not necessarily the dragon?  There are quite a few of these fun steam diverters available, so you can choose a different type, or give a gift assortment.  Here are few more of our favorite designs:

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Fire-breathing Dragon Steam Diverter Gives Instant Pots A Fun Quick Release

If you have a tight kitchen and you're worried about warping the bottom or sides of your cabinets whenever you quick release the steam inside of your Instant Pot ...

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