EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes

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The EZ Off Jar Opener will open jars of all sizes. Tiny lids on nail polish up to large mouth pickle or marshmallow creme jars all come off easily.

EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes

EZ Off will grab hold of any lid whether it’s factory sealed, anything small like a bottle of water, nail polish or a wide container of pickles, peanuts, canned fruits, jams, molasses, marshmallow creme or maraschino cherries.

Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes

Installation and Operation are Easy

It’s easy to install the EZ Off with the pre-attached, peel-and-stick adhesive and the 3 included screws.


You’ll Never Know It’s There

This jar opener hides neatly out of sight under a cabinet, cupboard, counter, or shelf, taking no valuable storage space.

You'll Never Know It's There
EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes, White
EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes

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