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Are you planning to bring gifts for your kid? You may wonder about the right thing to buy for your 12 years old kid. It may be a challenge for you, to come up with an idea and get the right presents for your loved kids. But when you nail it and get that perfect gift it’s great to see their smiling faces.
When you are searching for a great gift idea for your 12-year-old kid, there are a lot of fresh ideas that you can use to give gifts to a 12-year old boy. Then, this article will help you out. It will describe some toys that suit around 12 years of age.

 Gift Ideas For 12 Year Olds

Nerf Guns Fire

Nerf guns fire is soft plastic darts at a good velocity. They look like real guns and are perfect for having battles with your buddies.
12 years old Kids will love to have NERF wars in the back yard, and since the darts are quite soft, it isn’t too sore when you get hit by one. The latest NERF gun is the Stampede ECS gun which is the first assault style gun that has an automatic firing mode.

Air Hogs Pocket Copter

An Air hogs pocket copter, It’s a remote controlled helicopter and very cheap for such a machine. As the name giving, it is a pocket sized RC helicopter which might also explain why it is cheap; it is bound to be a hit with kids around the age of 12 years
Kids around the age of 12 years love remote controlled devices, and this is a neat little toy that they will love to fly around with. Due to the size of this toy, it is probably better to be used indoors than outside, but you can use it anywhere really.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike is something your kids will love to drive. This 21-speed mountain bike is ideal for 12 year-olds as they begin to develop their muscles.
A 12 years olds kid’s need a bicycle, remember a mountain bike help children to express tons of energy. This is an excellent way to encourage 12 years kid to learn how to enjoy physical activities and prevent obesity in their childhood.
Ideal for balancing and coordination control, your kids, will also begin to learn to be more independent with their first method of transportation.

Razor Drifter

This item was listed as a hot toy. I’m sure about that, but it looks like a lot of fun anyhow. It’s a go kart with slick tires so that the kids can slide.
The standard goes karts use a two stroke engine to power them. However, the Razor Drifter uses an electric motor, so it is easier to maintain and use. You can just recharge the battery on the motor, and it’s ready to go again.

Razor Dune Buggy
gift ideas for 12 year olds

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Pitching Machine

With an MLB throwing machine, your 12-year-olds kid can now begin swinging on 6 AERO-STRIKE white plastic balls that can be shot out of the jigsaw in every 10 seconds.
It is entirely adjustable so that children can practice different types of throws they want to hit. It teaches the visual coordination of the engine while strengthening the muscles of their arm. This also applies to a toy for kids.

OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

Disregard the Transformers for the interim and give your 12-year-old kid the 14-in-1 Solar Robot toy. This sun powered controlled robot can be reconfigured into 14 distinct sorts of robots from vehicle types to humanoids and even creatures and critters. For instance, it can be designed to wind up plainly a robot pooch, crab, turtle, or even a scarab.
What doesn’t kid care for robots? For a 12-year-old kid, nothing will take as much time as necessary more than the test of building one of their own. He will likewise take in some things about the science behind sunlight based power.
Building and development toys like OWI’s robot are instrumental helping kids brain with their unique critical thinking abilities. Their inventiveness and creative ability are additionally improved.

Hamper hoops

If you are having problems with children of 12 years to organize their clothes, it is better to have a hamper hoops. Just hang it in the back of your room door and leave the lawn in the net. When done, just unlock the bottom and remove it into the waste basket.
This is a fun way to encourage kids to keep all the dirty clothes in one place, so they do not mix with the clean ones. It is also an excellent way to present a baby in basketball.

Robot Doodling

The drawing allows children to practice visual eye coordination. For kids as well as for 12 years, this is their ability to customize the angle with different colored pencils that can help them create masterpieces. Using 4M Doodling robots with three pens, children can create different longitudinal patterns.
Your child can not be an artist to create intricate designs. With this handy drawing assistant, a 12-year-old kid magazine can be impressed by its work on paper. For robotic design, your child will need to take the lead and know how to set up the gadget.
The gadget is ideal for improving creativity and imagination. It also helps to promote understanding of the mechanical structure. The combination of small vibrations and engine movement creates complex projects.


It is a transparent cube with five pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that children must organize in a colorful polygon frame. Each puzzle unlocks the next with a much higher level of difficulty.
This toy game, thinking of ridiculous puzzles, is ideal for a 12-year-old kid to improve the feeling of finding any problems that arise. It promotes reflection and planning the steps to follow. This puzzle is a simple and well thought out toy that 12-year-olds will enjoy and benefit from.
Brainstorming encourages convergent problem-solving skills. What does it teach? Well, all puzzle games consist of different shapes and sizes, a puzzle games teach your child to think about finding solutions to problems. So, according to constant commentary problems, it helps in the development of a 12-year old kid brain.


Today many children like to play video games with their friends; Video games are fun and exciting. This is a good idea you can use. Try to discover the games your 12-year-old child likes to play and get it for him. A music player is also a good gift. These are lovely and challenging gifts that you can give 12 years old child.


With all this good ideas, you are ready to dive and buy gift ideas for 12 year olds. You can choose a gift that you want to buy now.

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