Gifts For Your Wife

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If you are looking for unique birthday gifts for your wife , you might feel absolutely overwhelmed. There are many birthday gift ideas that you could consider giving her for her 30th birthday. 30 is a major milestone and with these fun gifts you can be sure to get a beautiful present or your wife or your partner to mark the occasion

Gifts For Your Wife

 Snacking gift box

This gift box contains 32 healthy snacking choices which are the perfect addition to any birthday gifts for your wife. If you have a lady in your life that is committed to health and fitness, this is a great treat box. There is no need to cause her to have to sacrifice a diet or her healthy eating habits. The gift box is created by a specialty store and can be delivered to your doorstep as a gift. This is an excellent birthday idea and the box can easily be customized. Customization ensures it can include a variety of snacks that your wife or girlfriend may really enjoy regularly.

 Streaming media player

Using the power of Amazon video, Netflix and HBO go on your television can be an amazing gift to give year round. This simple streaming media player could be an excellent idea in gifts for your wife. These easy to set up fire TV boxes can stream a wide range of content with an expandable storage slot. If you are an Amazon prime member you can stream a variety of films and television shows to the box. You could also set up Netflix and other streaming services. With this gift, there’s no need to get out of bed to watch Netflix. Any TV in your home can quickly become a smart TV.

 Unique coffee mug

: A beautiful coffee mug could be a great way to make sure that a special lady in your life is constantly thinking of you. Whenever she wakes up and has her first cup of coffee she will see this great gift. A unique mug such as this 3-D coffee mug that features a cute pink octopus can really work well. These are gifts for your wife that you definitely won’t find anywhere else. There are other types of animals that can be purpose built into these coffee mug shapes as well. If your wife has a favorite animal you may be able to find it in mug form. These gifts for your wife are certainly fun to include alongside a basket.


Brightening up an interior space with the help of a glass terrarium is a fantastic décor touch. Beautiful terrarium setups are great gifts for your wife and are available online at incredible prices. All you need to do is get a small succulent plant for the inside. The whole ecosystem will mostly take care of itself. These are fantastic gifts for individuals with a green thumb or for bringing nature inside.

Pretty in pink spa

At home spa treatments are a fantastic way for someone to relax after their 30th birthday. With the help of a pretty in pink spa basket for women it’s possible to get an at-home spa therapy. This treatment can leave a special lady feeling her absolute best. While it may not be possible for someone to go to a local spa, these products can really help to smooth out skin and feel your absolute best. The beautiful baskets include a number of items like aromatherapy candles, bath bomb, shampoo, conditioner, specialty soap and more. This beautiful gift can be a huge addition to your gifts for your wife or a nice recovery present. After the celebration it could be nice for your wife to unwind with these products!

For the gamer in your life

If your wife or girlfriend regularly plays videogames, you could consider getting her something that is fun and functional. Brookstone produces great headphones which are perfect for voice chat as well as immersive sound while gaming. There is a difference between these headphones and others that you might find on the market. These headphones come with wired cat ear decorations. If your girlfriend loves cats or simply wants a very cute pair of headphones, these fun headphones are amazing. They work for music devices, games and for voice chat over online games. The device is USB rechargeable and they feature up to five hours of playing time wireless per charge. They have forward and back volume controls as well as speakers and lights that are on the cat ears. Time to really get the party started!

For the wonder woman in your life

A fun and geeky sentiment that you could give to someone special is a wonder woman logo necklace. DC has produced a number of jewelry items with the recent success of the wonder woman franchise movie. This metal necklace has the retro style wonder woman logo with a pendant measures nearly 1.5 inches long. Set into a golden chain this piece of jewelry is a fun fashion item that can accent almost any outfit. Show the wonder woman in your life just how much you care. This would make a cute piece of jewelry that can be included as part of your 30th birthday present.


Consider any one of these top items if you are stuck for a birthday present for a very special lady in your life. Remember that each one of these gifts could work as an additional present for a large gift. Give some of these gifts for your wife as a group of presents or all on their own. Turning 30 is a big milestone in someone’s life and showing that person you care with a fun and unique gift can really help them feel young at heart as well is extremely appreciated. For more great gifts please check back on our blog to learn more about what to get for upcoming birthdays and holidays!

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Gifts For Your Wife

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