Ideas on Inexpensive Gifts for Your Millionaire Friend

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We all have that friend or two on our list who makes much more money than us, has more stuff than us, or just plain difficult to please with gifts. Since the person we’re talking about here already pretty much has everything he’s ever needed, whenever the time comes to give them a present, we’ll be in headaches throughout the prior week.

We find ourselves wondering, what exactly can we get for the person who has everything, that is of some use, and without having to meticulously search through every nook and cranny on Earth to get it—preferably an object that doesn’t burn a hole in our wallet, as well?

To answer that, here are some of the options we’ve managed to gather.

Ideas on Inexpensive Gifts for Your Millionaire Friend

Swiss Knife

First one, if the person in question happens to be an avid traveler, why don’t we get them something handy, like a Swiss knife? A typical Swiss knife has a number of handy tools that can be of good use if they bring it along to their travels, ranging from corkscrew, screwdriver, small blade, nail clipper, and so on. It’s recommended to choose a variant that resonates with their particular traveling habits. For example, If they are globetrotters with nature as their primary destination, you can give them the variant that has LED light and blades on it. The possibilities are endless.

Ideas on Inexpensive Gifts for Your Millionaire Friend 1

Phone Case

Second, phone case. Nowadays you can look for a phone case with superior quality at an affordable price online. Furthermore, if your friend happens to like something in particular, like, say, a movie or a TV show, customization for a phone case is also widely available. Just remember to make sure that the size of the phone case you’re getting fits the phone they’re having, so pay close attention next time you’re having a brunch or night-out together. And also, try to make sure the phone case is actually waterproof, drop-proof, dirt-proof, and has long durability.

Ideas on Inexpensive Gifts for Your Millionaire Friend 2

Ultra-Slim Wallet

Thirdly, you can bring them a wallet. Now, now, we know it sounds unimaginative, but hear us out first. Bring them an ultra-slim wallet that only fits for the most essentials in a wallet: cards and cash. The minimalist design will surely be a nice change of pace compared to the bulkier, wider wallets they’re probably having. Make sure the super-duper-thin wallet you look for is durable and sleek.

Ideas on Inexpensive Gifts for Your Millionaire Friend 3

Food-Based Gifts

And finally, if they are a fan of living healthy and frequent the gym, you can bring them a pack of nutritious treats or dietary supplement. But here’s where this can get tricky: unless you and they share a very close relationship, we won’t recommend this due to the risk—in case your friend happens to be allergic to a certain ingredient, and you happen to mistakenly get the variant that contains the ingredient in question. Or alternatively, you can bring them their favorite coffee beans or tea leaves. Find out what they like for their morning dose of caffeine, or you can be experimental and try something different by giving them new variant that they haven’t tried before—at least the ones that you know they haven’t tried. Please keep in mind to be extremely careful if you choose food-based gifts to bring.

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