Last Minute Birthday Surprises

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The birthday is an unforgettable moment. Many people give their best wishes, prayers, gifts, and surprises from the people closest to them. Usually, the surprise you will get is like this: sleeping, visited by friends at 12 o’clock that bring a cake complete with candles and chant “Happy birthday”. Just imagine if every year you have this kind of surprise, it would have been easy to guess, right? Well, what happens if you or your friends give a gift at the last seconds of your birthday, just saying a surprise at the last minute? It will not be forgotten. Well, here are some options you can do as a last-minute birthday surprises

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Gather the entire closest ones to surprise dinner

Make an agreement with the entire closest person from the birthday man/woman. Express that you have arranged a plan to create a sensation of “silence” to make the target feels nothing happens. Create anything as good as possible starting from playing role means tend to “not remember the birthday date”, arrange the date and place to dinner, what gifts to be given, and so forth. Make everything runs smoothly and explode it when you are ready to bring the target to the dinner place.

Ignore the target for a week then give a festive surprise

Keep congratulating him/her on the birthday. However, it does not need to take long. Give brief congratulations like no intention to give congratulation. Then, ignore for 1 week until the target is upset and while you are preparing a surprise. Make sure the surprise is very festive, you can equip by giving cakes, balloons, confetti, and also the target’s most beloved one. The annoyance for a week would immediately fade with that superb festive surprise. The important point is, do not make your plan ruined by texting the target a lovely congratulation near your surprise.

Get to the most feared place by the target and give the most favorite goods he/she wishes to have

Which place is the target most afraid of? Ghost House, museum, or zoo? Try to find out the things and places that he fears, and then take him/her to that place. For example, if he/she’s afraid of ghosts, take to a haunted house. Make the target feels very frightened, if needed make the target cries. After that give the target something they wish to have. It can be varied, for example, the idol’s poster, signature, or anything. In the end, give cakes, balloons, and lively birthday chants.

Gather the entire beloved people and make a congratulating video

Nothing is more memorable than the spoken congratulation directly. So, two or three weeks before the birthday, record a video of congratulations and prayers from the target’s entire beloved ones. Collect, edit by drag, and upload to the social media such as YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, one or two weeks after the birthday. After that send the video link to the target; through chat, e-mail, or mention it on social media. Definitely, the target would be happy and touched to see all the friends congratulate and pray on the birthday.

The key points to give a fantastic last-minute birthday surprise are “silent”. Organize well in every single plant to take, keep it secretly. Make a good communication with all the target’s friends, family, and relatives.

Have a good try, guys. And always remember to always play safe and never go overboard with the prank!

last minute birthday surprises

14 Karat White Gold Oval Shape 3.00 Carats Swiss Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant

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