Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag

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The new Chumbuddy is a massive shark sleeping bag that can completely devour children and most adults. Just drag your body into the jaws of the stuffed beast and try to sleep peacefully and quietly at night. It also consists and doubles as a giant stuffed animal where you get to be the stuffing.

Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag

Patch Together Chumbuddy 3 Adult Great White Edition Shark Designer Plush Sleeping Bag

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For that kind of scratch, you can bookmark a sleeping bag that will keep you alive in the most remote and cold regions of the world, but there is no feature rooted in this stuffed animal made into a sleeping accessory. It is 7 feet long, which means it can hold a man-made (or female) that measures up to 6.5 feet. It is, therefore, needless to say, that it can consume a child in its entirety. The coating material is made from a polyester/cotton blend, so we are not entirely sure what the fire hazard implication is, but hopefully, it was treated accordingly. After all, all your children should be very concerned about whether they wake up or not in one piece.

The positives of this bag

The positives of this bag are that it can work as a lounge chair, it is very large, soft and tender and can scare people who do not like pseudo-fear shark or fuzz. Available in sizes ranging from the child version to the adult version. Very good as a comfortable and warm sleeping bag and not just a cheap novelty item.
On the other hand, this thing is really warm to sleep in. It might be a good thing to sleep in the cold but in general, can be a little too hot inside.

Some of our customer comments on this product

My college-aged daughter is obsessed with sharks and when we saw this we realized it would be the perfect gift. It is not only warm and comfortable, but it makes for a great ice-breaker when meeting new people. This is a very clever item – highly recommended.

best gift for my family

My wife loves sharks so she loved this product. Shipped fast and packaged well.
My 4-year-old received this as a birthday present from his grandparents and immediately became slightly obsessed with it!! It is perfect for him to slip into for naps and he has even been sleeping on top of his bed in it!! He has not complained of being hot, and is still inside when he wakes up in the morning!

It was a little bit too small for me and it’s like it was made for smaller people. I’m ft5,2in and I expected it to be roomier and less constrictive. I still like how soft the material is and the dorsal fin pillow.

Although some people still complain that the Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag is too small for them, the reason for this is that they went for a child version. The Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag is available in sizes ranging from child version to adult version.

the most extraordinary things I have found

This is one of the most extraordinary things I have found. ChumBuddy which is a plush toy sleeping bag in the shape of a 7-foot long shark!

ChumBuddy is a plush toy designed by Kendra Phillips also works incredibly as a sleeping bag and what makes it even cooler is that a 7-foot footer is 100% hand sewn from the fleece and felt and filled with about 30 Ibs of poly-filled.
Well, if you’re a big fan of the Jaws movie, this sleeping bag will send the shivers down to your spine when it sticks to your body through the mouth of this giant shark, especially when you go camping in the woods and since this sleeping bag is not in mass production, you can be one of the lucky few to own this incredibly stuffed shark. As it will be cool to see the classic look “I would like to have it” on the faces of your friends!

More information about this product

The Chumbuddy Shark sleeping bag is much easier to lug and more useful as a real sleeping bag. The design on the product Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag is 6 ‘3 (192 cm). Coating material: T / C (65% polyester, 35% cotton). Filler material: polyester fiber. Interior dimensions: 200 x 80 cm (31.5 x 79 inches) and also the dimensions of the package 24 x 16 x 8.

enjoy the sweet dreams

You should not swim in the ocean for your encounter with sharks. Just hop in the Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag and enjoy the sweet dreams of being devoured completely. Sharks have been very familiar this summer in New England, especially at Cape Cod.

There have been several important observations of white sharks in Chatham and then there was a widely distributed jaws-esque image of a large shark chasing a kayak on Nauset Beach.
But, why do they have that village beachgoer of all the excitement? Now you can have a personal encounter with a shark in your tent, your room, or wherever you please thanks to this fine product fromThe Chumbuddy Shark sleeping bag is not a sleeping bag for children alone. It measures 7 feet long with an inside length of 6 feet 5 inches that “swallow the children whole,” but “can save the heads of some adults.”

Filled with polyester fiber and lined with a cotton/poly blend, the Shark Chumbuddy sleeping bag appears to be warm, even though no specific temperature is expected.No weight is listed either, so it may not be the best choice for ultralight backpacking. It is, however “handmade for demanding standards”. Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag and Designer Plush Figure by Patch Ensemble. It’s a plush toy!  a sleeping bag.  a shark!

The Chumbuddy has a removable back flap(dorsal fin) that can be used as a pillow, Also, it includes a reusable vacuum bag for easy storage.  is a combined sleeping bag, body pillow, and a stuffed shark.

Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag

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Patch Together Chumbuddy 3 Adult Great White Edition Shark Designer Plush Sleeping...

Last update was on: September 14, 2020 4:16 pm
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