The Best Back To School Gifts For Kids

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Whether your child is going back to school or you have a family member in your life that is preparing to go back to school, it’s important that you know the right gifts that you could potentially give to kids to help them have a more successful school year. Preparing for back-to-school shopping can always be tough but with the right back-to-school gifts kids can be much more prepared for academic success. Here are some of the best back-to-school gifts for kids this year

A quality backpack

Giving kids a quality backpack early on can be a great way that they can have something to carry all of their homework and books in. Backpacks today for kids need to hold a number of different school supplies and by making sure that children can get a backpack that will last it’s possible that the knapsack you decide on will do them for the entire year. Some of these quality backpacks could be a fantastic option if you are looking for something that kids might even be able to use for several years:

Dakine Prom Women’s backpack

This style of backpack has been extremely popular for its padded laptop storage and the cooler pocket. This style of backpack is great for kids of all ages and its very comfortable to wear with the padded straps. For kids that regularly take electronics to school, the electronic slots and organizational slots make this a great choice. It also made with many different designs so that kids can really accent their style.

Trailmaker Boys Flannel Dome

This backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and a strong flannel construction is really designed to last over a many years. It holds a fair amount and you can even protect your purchase with the help of a two-year accident protection plan.

Some great notebooks

Kids need to have great notebooks and binders so that they can keep notes and have all of their homework available to them from their backpack. With an inspiring and high-quality notepad kids can really show off their style and make sure that they have a great writing notebook that can be comfortable for in class note writing, activities as well as homework. Here are some great options as far as spiral notebooks and binders go for kids that can get them excited to learn

The studio OH hardcover spiral notebook

This spiral notebook is extremely comfortable to write it and it comes with high-quality paper that can really last and stand up to many trips back and forth to school. The nice part about this notebook is that it comes with customized animal prints on the front. Kids can pick a different animal for each subject or even just have one notebook with plenty of fun animals in it for every subject.

Mead composition books

These have long been bestsellers and favorites to use in education for their style as well as the comfort for writing. These notebooks each come with 12 different assorted colors for different subjects and the durable front really works to keep notes completely dry and clean. These can be excellent for helping keep kids on track and for giving them plenty of writing space for subjects like math, English and more. Different options are available including graph style sheets, blank pages and more.

The Wilson Jones heavy duty round ring binder

If you get really tired of having to replace your children’s binders regularly due to breakage and problems with the rings falling apart, this is a binder that can really help out. This heavy-duty binder is meant to stand up over the course of an entire school year and it may even last for several years after that. With a one year guarantee on all of their binders you can get extra value for money out of these products.

Some excellent art supplies

Depending on the level of schooling that the child may be in, it’s likely that they might have to take some art classes. Art classes and creative supplies can really help students that want to build interesting presentations, craft their own artwork and really display their creativity in class. With some of these art supplies kids can be encouraged to really color their world:

Sargent Art colored pencils

This style of colored pencil is amongst some of the best and most reliable on the market. For a 50 count of colored pencils in almost every shade, you can pay the same price that you might pay for just a few art supplies regular. Colored pencils are often a requirement for art classes and creating visual presentations for kids. These art supplies can really help to make sure that kids have the right tools to start art classes.

Mr Sketch

Mr. sketch scented and non-toxic markers with a chiseled tip have long been some of the favorite markers for using in the school system. Kids love the smells that these markers can make and they are absolutely fantastic for creative projects in school. For 12 count of scented markers kids can enjoy creating with ink that smells like watermelons, raspberries and more.

Learning Tech

Kids today have a requirement to use technology in the classroom. With the right technology items however it is possible to ensure that kids have the tools that they need not only at school but when they get home too. There are a number of new items that are designed for younger students and children as they continue to grow and depend on technology for school more often. Here is some great learning Tech that you could consider as gifts:

The Fire 7 Kids edition tablet

The Amazon fire kids edition tablet comes with a 16 GB android Fire tablet delivering best in class parental controls, educational applications and content access controls. The tablet also ships with a kid proof case, a kid safe browser and more. What’s even more impressive is the tablet has a two-year worry free guarantee ensuring that Amazon will replace the tablet if its ever broken.

Consider all of these potential options if you are looking for the best gifts to give as back-to-school presents for kids this year!

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