The Most Powerful Stun Gun

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If you are looking for the most powerful stun gun on the market today you need to compare the voltage offered by each one rather than the size of the unit or its amperage. To understand the difference between volts and amps, you need only a very basic understanding of how electricity works.

If you touch a metal door handle and get a shock, the volts you will feel will be no more than 10,000. So can you imagine what it would feel like to be shocked by a stun gun that delivers 50,000 volts?

The TASER Pulse Plus : The Most Powerful Stun Gun

The TASER Pulse Plus is an advanced, effective, less-lethal defense tool that immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds. The Pulse+ integrates with your mobile phone via the Noonlight mobile app to contact emergency dispatch when fired.

The TASER Pulse Plus The Most Powerful Stun Gun

Disable Attacker For Up 30 Second

Temporarily overrides an attacker’s central nervous system, limiting muscular control for 30 seconds, gives you time to get away.

The TASER Pulse+ Disable Attacker For Up 30 Second

15-foot shooting distance

15-foot shooting distance, ideal for most defensive situations. It gives you ample space to make a safe escape.

The TASER Pulse+ 15-foot shooting distance

Self-Defense Tool with Noonlight Mobile Integration

Noonlight dispatches law enforcement to the user’s location immediately if the trigger is pulled, using real-time GPS tracking provided through the Noonlight mobile application. As long as the Pulse+ device is within range of your mobile phone, it will be connected – even if the safety is in the on position.

Taser Pulse + Self-Defense Tool with Noonlight Mobile Integration

Legal to own, legal to carry and no license needed in most states. For more information on this amazing Self-Defense Tool, including an additional photo gallery, you will find it on the Amazon website here.

The TASER Pulse Plus
The TASER Pulse+ brings safety in today's connected world


Remember that a stun gun is not a regular gun, but it is a non-lethal weapon of choice. If you decide you want to buy stun gun-type devices, be aware that what you will be buying is a hand-held instrument, powered by a battery that will enable you to shock an assailant.

When you go to buy stun gun devices, be sure to choose something that you will be able to carry and use. There is no point in buying the most powerful stun gun if you are a woman and can’t fit it in your handbag. This type is more commonly carried in a holster. You may also want to consider some personal safety training to learn how to use the device. Again, if you don’t use it correctly then it is will be useless.

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