Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Best Friend

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Thoughtful gift ideas for best friends in his/her birthday can be either meaningful or bad sometimes. You already understand each other but then you cannot read it well what does your best friend wants for the birthday. Let’s get to the point; what you need is only a simple thing to give to your best friend.

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Best Friend

These options below can guide you to choose what the best birthday gift for your best friend is.

Thoughtful gift ideas for best friend

Write a lovely letter

Instead of just giving a regular birthday card, write a small note or letter to your best friend. You can put it in his favorite place, at his desk if you often go to his house, or put it on his desk, give it directly, or ask his co-workers to put it down. Keep your notes as interesting as possible by making the message more creative. Rather than just saying “Happy Birthday!” write, “Have a great birthday!” or “May your birthday be full of fun!” Write a personal letter to your best friend so that he knows how much he/she means to you.

Fill your best friend room with balloons

Blow the balloons, and then fill the shelves, cupboards, or cars with the balloons. When your best friend opens the door of the room, your best friend will be bombarded with balloons. Or use a crepe paper to gently attach balloons to the bedroom door so that when the door is opened, the balloons will fall in front of your best friend. If you have plenty of time, write the messages on the balloons. You can write “I love you more than ____” or “The reason number___ I love you is _______.” If you make this gift for your best friend it means that you appreciate her/his attendance in your life.

Make a cake for your best friend

One simple way to surprise someone is to take the time to make a tour best friend’s favorite cake. This is a meaningful thing because you take the time to make it (even if you make cookies with instant cake and not really from the proper procedure of making a cake) rather than buying cakes from the store. Besides, the taste of the home-made cake is usually better.

Decorate the space your best friend usually occupies with a theme

To surprise your best friend, find out what he/she likes. Then place a little gift for your best friend’s favorite place he/she normally visits in one day.

If your best friend likes music, start the day by leaving a piece of paper containing lyric of your best friend’s favorite song. This paper can be affixed to the alarm clock, bathroom mirror, rolled in the coffee cup, or sent to the phone via Whatsapp, text, or any other chatting platform. Send a short video message of his or her favorite song or song that counts for you and yourself. This can also be done with a movie, sport, animal theme, or whatever your best friend likes.


Knowing your best friend deeper is a must since it means that you are connected. Do not make your best friend disappoint by giving the wrong gift for the birthday. Give your best to your best friend and send a love to make your friendship remains forever.

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